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Hi everybody. Longtime no see.

I feel like I owe you a short update about what’s going on, especially looking at the fact that I really want this blog to come back to life. The last 1 1/2 years were tough, draining and hard like for everybody else out there I guess. Even if there was a pandemic going on, I kind of traveled a lot. I was in Nepal when covid started in early 2020, and stayed there until July. Many thing happened there, made me grow, expand my perception of the world, healed but also caused trauma, found friendship and connection, had to let it go again, had just rice and no hot water for a week straight and was scared, so scared, so many times. I will surely write an article about my experience there soon – it’s a great, but sad story I really have to share with you guys.

Then I made it back to Germany for a few months, and then moved to Greece to meet my partner after 5 months of being apart. In Germany, I saw people going crazy. Fearing the virus, fearing things that were normal just half a year back. I saw people fighting each other where they should actually stand together, I saw people blaming each other for their misery where just one should be blamed – the governments. I made up my own mind about Covid, and went on the Greece. There I realized, that the winter in the southern part of Europe is still a winter. In Greece, on Kythira, a small island close to the Peloponnese, it’s windy, cold, rainy and quiet.

Going home for Christmas expanded into another 5 months in Germany where i actually planned to move back to Greece quite quickly, but Covid got in the way, again. In the beginning of Mai 2021, I finally made it. Still running my studies from Greece, I experienced the beautiful southern European spring and summer, enjoying life to the fullest, making great friends and precious memories. From there, I was planning my semester abroad in Bali. Everything looked fine til mid July, we already had our visas paid. Entry regulations changed over night and we would not be able to get in so another plan had to be made. I fast realized the it is not the right time to be studying right now. I already finished my bachelor in architecture a few years back and kind of knew that i wanted to go in another direction. Graphic, art, social media, design and especially writing is what I am passionate about, not so much a 9 to 5 office job.

I went home for August, and it was the best decision ever. I formed, strengthened and refreshed connections with souls of the past and the future. Being surrender by like minded people in this worlds insanity was healing and empowering. As well, with the support of my beautiful Mum, I was able to register my own business and make the first moves into my freelancing career. I am so grateful to have my parents as supportive presence in my life, knowing the my family’s always there, ready to catch me if I fall. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to get straight into this. Over the last two years, I worked hard do build a financial basis, to save money and get prepared to be my own boss.

At the end of August, me and my laptop, which equals my business, moved back to Athens for a week. From there, delayed because of Covid, again, I went over the Atlantic ocean to Mexiko, where I am writing this article from now. Tulum is going to be my home for the next 6 months, hopefully going back to Germany for Christmas (without Covid extended stay lol), and I am so grateful for the beauty of life am am blessed to experience even if the world is still upside down. Here, I hope to simply sit it out and wait for things to go back to a new normal. I can already feel my heart beat aligning with the south american rhythm of life, can feel the slight sunburn on my skin, the fine sand all over my body, my eyes wide shut, body moving to the song of the ocean and the earth, ready for new adventures, excitement rushing through my veins and making me all nervous, ears full of jungle noises and mind exploding in creative flashes, all ready to be written down. It’s gonna be hot Tacos, heavy Yoga, Scuba diving, sweaty jungle walks and scary scooter rides on shitty roads to lonely beaches, it’s gonna be deep night talks, refreshing connections and bouncing of each others with new ideas for the community project I’ll be telling you guys about soon. It’s gonna be chilly and salt, sweat and sand, tears of joy and heart full of hope.

From here, starting in Tulum, I would love to take you on a journey with me. As a freelancer in architecture, graphic design and social media management I want to share my path here, hoping to inspire you. I want to express myself, my opinion, my point of view freely and openly, hoping for inspiring discussions to come up. I want to take you to my favorite places, in this world and in others as well, share my travels, visions and dreams. I will write, travel, work, dream and learn. Get ready for dreamy novels, stories from daily life, travel advice, work episodes, political escapades, creativity and science, cooking adventures and yoga classes, arts and poetry. I’ll bring this blog back to life, make you dream, expand and escape.

Are you coming?

4 thoughts on “U.P.D.A.T.E”

  1. You make it so difficult not to think about coming there. I’m so happy you’re bringing this blog back to life because you describe places, feelings and experiences in a beautiful way that relaxes people. I’m so proud and happy to be able to call you “friend”. I’ll see you in Greece or Mexico who knows 😛. Your friend Christina.

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    1. Can’t wait to see you again, where ever this might be! I am so happy to be some sort of inspiration in your life – we women need to support, inspire and uplift each other. So do you, so do I ❤


  2. I’m so happy you brought this blog back to life, I love the way you express emotions and experiences. I feel very happy I have a friend like you. 🙂 I’ll see you in Mexico Rini and then again in Greece 😊🙏

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